2oz Wax Melts 


Holiday Spirit:

An inviting holiday blend of spicy cinnamon, bayberry and hints of orange zest.

Top Notes: Cinnamon, Clove
Middle Notes: Bayberry, Cranberry
Base Notes: Balsam, Woods, Orange Zest

Winter Apples:

A cheerful, festive blend of juicy apples and candied maple glaze. Highlighted with warm cinnamon, orange peels and rose musk. This fragrance was inspired by the BBW® scent.

Top Notes: Red Apple, Cinnamon
Middle Notes: Neroli, Orange Zest
Base Notes: Rose Musk, Maple

Cookies With Santa:

A mouthwatering aroma of fresh baked sugar cookies with hints of vanilla and butter. 

Top Notes: Sugar
Middle Notes: Bakery Dough, Cookie Dough
Base Notes: Sweet Vanilla, Butter

Winter Pine:

Fresh juniper berries and cranberries, elevated with hints of peppermint leaves and camphor, unite harmoniously with frosted pine for the perfect woodsy, holiday season aroma. This fragrance was inspired by the BBW® scent.

Top Notes: Juniper, Sage
Middle Notes: Cranberries, Camphor
Base Notes: Pine, Woods, Ozone

Gingerbread Royale:

A warm, nostalgic holiday blend of freshly baked gingerbread with hints of nutmeg and cinnamon.

Top Notes: Cinnamon, Ginger
Middle Notes: Tonka Bean, Nutmeg
Base Notes: Vanilla, Molasses, Sugar

Winter Wax Snapbars

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