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Top: Sage, Orange, Grapefruit
Middle: Lavender
Base: Oakmoss, Amber, Tonka Bean

Third Eye Chakra Focus 


A gentle push when you may be feeling down on yourself and your abilities. When burned its set to balance emotions with spirituality while providing grounding when needed. Facilitating rebirthing, gently releasing conditions that inhibit spiritual and psychological growth. Aides in lifting spirits when one is down, and helps to release deep-seated emotions in a slow and gentle way. 

Promoting patience and persistence, and gradually eliminating bad habits and the thoughts and patterns that perpetuate them. Providing support when you may feel a little lost, overwhelmed, or having trouble focusing on the here and now. 

(A gentle reminder timeline attached to each candle to help aide in focusing in and finding a healthy release from all that may be hindering you. Focus in on the candle and allow the process to be guided and as seamless as can be.)

No Doubt

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