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Top: Pineapple
Middle: Green Leaves, Palm, Anise
Base: Sage, Sugar

Solar Plexus Focus


Do you ever find yourself holding back or hesitating when new opportunities arise? 
•Are you afraid to take a risk because of the fear of the unknown? 
•Do you know what you want, but can’t find the courage to pursue it? 

This candle aides in helping you feel centered and grounded, giving you the confidence and courage to go after your dreams. Let nothing stop you, not even your fear. By releasing fear and anxiety and aiding in harmony and balance. Stimulating a will to take action, and helps you to make decisions with discernment and understanding and unclouded by your emotions. Providing you with clarity from within, self confidence and strength of will to drive forward. 

(A gentle reminder timeline attached to each candle to help aide in focusing in and finding a healthy release from all that may be hindering you. Focus in on the candle and allow the process to be guided and as seamless as can be.)

Inner Strength

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